Client ········· Meadowlark Hospitality
Concept ········ Steve Lewis & Abe Vucekovich
Foil Stamping ·· Rohner Press
Printing ······· Werner Printing
Medium ········· Print, Foil Stamping,Bookbinding, Screw-posts
Location ······· Chicago, IL
Date ··········· 2023

Photo Credit: Clayton Hauck & The Meadowlark

The Magic City Menu - The Meadowlark

To celebrate the 130th Anniversary of the 1893 World's Fair, the Meadowlark bar team developed 16 unique cocktails and paired each one with historical imagery. I was tasked with designing the menu for the launch of the new celebratory program.

The art deco/art nouveau style of the menu takes cues from the time period and inspiration from other print materials tied to the fair itself. 

A love letter to Chicago and the explosion of architectural innovations and cultural marvels that drew in over 27 million visitors to our city 130 years ago in the summer of 1893, this second Meadowlark menu explores The World’s Fair that took place in Jackson Park on the South Side of Chicago.  

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