Dollop Coffee Co.
Dollop Lakeview has seen a lot of change over just the past 5 years. When the owner made the call to make some of the biggest changes yet, it was important to announce the the community the big news. The front of the card reads “Lakeview, we have some major news…” and means it. The card is introducing the transition of the location from a morning, noon and night cafe into the headquarters with limited hours. Morning and afternoon it is open to the public, come evening it transitions to a training and education hub. I was given a few lines of text to create a concept that portrayed the message in a easy going, yet serious manner.

Throughout the design there are a number of motifs that pay tribute to the old look of Dollop Lakeview including the retro clock, floor tiles and green walls. This is an edition of 500, printed on 130# Classic Crest Natural stock with a 2/2 letterpress and foil stamp.